Apple iPad The new iPad Pro of 2021 could look like...

The new iPad Pro of 2021 could look like … the iPad Pro of 2020


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For a few hours, images have been circulating on the web, ensuring to be the first designs of the new 11-inch iPad Pro, planned for the beginning of the year by Apple.

As expected, from an external point of view, we should not expect radical changes for this model of 2021. Indeed, it will be very difficult to differentiate a iPad Pro of 2021 from the model of 2020. Indeed if the thickness of the product should be the same, 91mobile claims that it will be shorter in length and width, from “A few millimeters”. Another minor change, the tablet’s speakers should be slightly redesigned.

The main innovation that should come with the new tablet from Apple should be the mini-LED. Indeed according to different sources, the 12.9-inch model which should be presented in March will be entitled to this new screen technology. It would be the major change this year and brand experts have been focusing their predictions on this for weeks now.

What’s new for the iPad in 2021?

According to Appleinsider, the addition of mini-LED technology to the 2021 iPad Pro’s screen should anyway make it slightly thicker (we’re talking about half a millimeter here).

Another point of questioning for the experts of the apple brand. The processor. The latter could be an axis of improvements this year in the same way as the 5G, not yet supported by the iPad Pro.

The 2020 model is now only equipped with an A12 chip, which allowed the iPad Air 3, released at the end of the year, to become more efficient than the “Pro” model. Thus putting a little more mess in a classification of models already quite complicated to follow.

Either way, the next iPad Pro should be out within two months. Apple has in fact planned to present a product on that date. But the “premium” tablet might not be the only one to take center stage.

Indeed, Apple would be thinking about releasing a “classic” 9th generation iPad, only a few months after the 8th generation iPad. The latter should benefit from many improvements, including a better Touch ID, less imposing on the screen.

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9 “128 GB



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- Advertisement -The new iPad Pro of 2021 could look like ... the iPad Pro of 2020The new iPad Pro of 2021 could look like ... the iPad Pro of 2020

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- Advertisement -The new iPad Pro of 2021 could look like ... the iPad Pro of 2020The new iPad Pro of 2021 could look like ... the iPad Pro of 2020

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