The new Macbook Pro M2 has a worse SSD than the M1 version

MacBook Pro M1

The arrival of the M2 chip was expected by many as confirmation of Apple’s development in the world of processors after arriving through the biggest of doors at the end of 2020, when the M1 chip was presented. .

If the arrival of M2, which took place at the very beginning of this month of June, did not surprise more than that, it is above all the products on which the chip is embedded that questions today. Indeed, by offering its M2 chip on a MacBook Air, but also, and above all, on a Macbook Pro, Apple seemed to be making a repetition in bad taste.

MacBook Pro M2: the perfect in-between?

With its “professional” laptop, the Apple brand opted for simple connectivity, two USB-C ports and a jack port. A choice that had been questioned from the presentation of the computer, especially when we know that Apple had launched less than a year ago 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros equipped with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, with connectors worthy of the name.

But the connection is not the only point of contention when it comes to this new MacBook Pro. Apple’s laptop is available for sale today on Apple’s website for €1,599 for an entry-level configuration offering 256GB of storage, like the M1 version of this computer, released two years ago.

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But where the shoe pinches is when you look at the first tests of this new generation computer. According to them, SSD speeds are slower with the M2 version than the M1 version of the MacBook Pro. According to the results of Blackmagic Disk Speed ​​Test, a benchmark application in this field, the figures leave no room for interpretation.

A very clear difference, but only for the 256 GB models

The SSD of the M2 version of the MacBook Pro is 34% slower than that of the M1 version of the same computer model when it comes to write speed. For reading speed, the difference can reach 50%. In MB/s this is equivalent to a MacBook Pro M1 with 2900 MB/s in read speed, against 1446 MB/s for the MacBook Pro M2. As for the write speed, the M1 version reaches 2215 MB/s while the M2 1463 MB/s.

The most amazing point of this whole affair, the SSD speed difference is not present at all in the 512 GB versions of the MacBook Pro M1 and M2. According to testing by Aaron Zollo, the man behind YouTube channel Zollotech, the 512GB MacBook Pro M2 has very similar SSD speeds to the M1 model.

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