The new Yamaha R7 reveals itself as a reasonable sports car | Motorcycles

The new Yamaha R7 reveals itself as a reasonable sports car | Motorcycles

The new one Yamaha YZF 700 R7 could be defined as a sporty friendly, that in its version limited to 47 CV for the A2 card can be a perfect companion for get started in the secrets of sporty driving. And, once you’ve gained enough experience, you can limit your rated power 73.4 hp and enjoy its real benefits.

It is based on the MT-07, the successful motorcycle without fairing (6,999 euros) which has been modified in practically all its areas minus the engine and frame. The aerodynamics substantially improved thanks to an integral fairing inspired by that of its competition sisters, that manages to increase by 8% speed with respect to MT 07.

The brakes are more powerful and the adjustable suspensions in all its parameters to multiply its effectiveness. With all this, the price rises up to 9,399 euros, although the increase is absolutely justified.

Road and circuit

The test of the new R7 has been carried out in two environments, mountain roads and circuit. After going through a few 200 kilometers up and down ports full of curves of all kinds, plus three 30-minute runs on the track of the new Almería circuit, it must be recognized that the R7 is the type of medium-displacement sports bike that the market demands.

The feeling on this Yamaha is not radical, the seat is at 835 millimeters from the ground, slightly higher than on the MT 07 due to the fact that the rear has been raised to vary its geometry and reduce the steering angle and gain agility.

The close connection of the tank with the seat allows you to reach well with both feet on the ground, even if the driver is not very tall. The chassis is renforced in some strategic points to improve its rigidity and is five millimeters shorter in wheelbase, always seeking to optimize handling.

The front fairing of the new Yamaha R7.

Highlight the good feel of the brakes and suspensions, that contribute to the R7 being a motorcycle noble and easy to drive. The engine comes out well from the bottom, has a vigorous mids and a final stretch that does not out of tune on the road, although in circuit it falls a little short.

An easy bike

The R7 turns out to be a noble motorcycle without vices, in which everything comes out in a fluid and natural way from the beginning. Its power does not intimidate, but it offers good performance, brakes and hold very well, it is surprisingly precise in its trajectories and plumb in long turns. In short, it is a balanced machine it will hardly put your driver in trouble.

In circuit is fun, although it has its limitations, a pure 750cc supercar can double that in power and almost double the price, but that’s another approach. On the track, the ideal consists of maintain a good speed when cornering, measure braking, drive with finesse and enter the curves by calibrating the gas and in the right gear.

Something that, thanks to qualities of its chassis, suspensions and tires, not difficult to achieve. The time of the medium-displacement racing bikes to go down the street has passed and now it is the turn to more logical, more usable motorcycles, with simple and cheap maintenance, but that also provide your dose of excitement when using them.

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