the new year’s health challenge is launched

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Article update: the challenge has been available for a few hours and is therefore launched a little ahead of the date initially given by Apple. It’s your turn !

From next Thursday, January 7, 2021, and until the 31 of the same month, you will be able to participate in the Apple Watch sport and health challenge for the new year, a challenge that we are now used to seeing given that Apple has been putting it up at around the same time every year for a while now.

In this context, it is a question of completing his 3 circles of activity for 7 consecutive days, between January 7 and 31, therefore.

As always with the sport and health challenges offered by Apple, exclusive badges and stickers to use in iMessage and FaceTime are up for grabs. This is what they look like:

© Apple

January 2021 Apple Watch Health Challenge

© Apple

January Apple Watch Health Challenge

© Apple

January Apple Watch Challenge

© Apple

January 2021 Apple Watch Challenge

© Apple

This is a good opportunity to get back to sport after a perhaps a little slacker end of the year at this level, holidays and holidays oblige.

Who among you has chosen sport as the new resolution for 2021? And who plans to succeed in this new Apple Watch challenge?

the new year's health challenge is launched

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