The next Apple Watch could have a blood sugar sensor

Apple Watch Series 6 fiche technique

This is a feature that the 4.5 million people who have diabetes in France are eagerly awaiting. Apple is in fact in the process of setting up a new sensor for its Apple Watch “Series 7 ″, the next connected watch model from Apple, this sensor would be able to monitor the level of glycemia in the blood, an essential indicator in treatment of diabetes.

ETNews announces that the new Apple watts will have this feature, which could also arrive in the coming months on the new Samsung Galaxy Watch, while no such announcement was made by the Korean manufacturer during the presentation of the Galaxy S21 last week.

A sensor that won’t solve all the problems

As for the Apple, the interest of the latter for such a sensor is no longer to be proven. In recent years, the Cupertino company has published several patents referring to technologies around the watch and the measurement of blood sugar levels.

The ETNews report, while very encouraging on Apple’s progress, tends to level things off. It will indeed be years and the next Apple Watch Series 7 would not allow type 1 diabetics to diagnose themselves, as they can do today with a constant glucose meter. The level of accuracy of Apple’s sensor should not be sufficient for it to provide the necessary information with medical certainty.

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Apple’s desire to always go further

Since the launch of its connected watch a few years ago, Apple has always made this accessory a real medical support for its owner. But in recent years, the functionality of connectivity and inclusion in the ecosystem has taken a back seat, letting the new sensors take the light. These are there to give us new information about our health.

The Apple Watch thus saw a fall detector arrive, followed by a sensor to carry out electrocardiograms in a few seconds. Finally, Apple’s latest connected watch model offers a brand new sensor that measures the level of oxygen in the blood, again this is very important health data that Apple monitors for you.

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