The next Apple Watch will be entitled to a sensor to calculate the sugar level?

Apple Watch Series 6

While the last connected watch from Apple, the Apple Watch Series 6 was released last September with a multitude of new features, including, in particular, an oximeter, making it possible to measure the level of oxygen present in the blood. This is very important data in the daily monitoring of patients which could in particular identify Covid-19, a week before the PCR tests in turn become positive.

With this new innovation in the field of health, Apple continues its march forward as a leader in connected watches, crushing the competition, and at the same time the e-health sector is taking more and more place in our daily lives and many brands make monitoring our heart rhythms, blood pressure and other health data their priority. This is particularly the case with Withings, the Franco-American is today Apple’s main competitor in this field and had stolen the show from Apple by offering an oximeter in its watch, just a few weeks before the firm of Cupertino is not presenting the Apple Watch Series 6 to the public.

One more sensor for the next Apple Watch

In this fight for innovation and e-health, the issue of blood sugar levels is a data that has been contemplated by many smartwatch companies for years. At the moment there are no models that allow direct and clear measurement, and Apple could well innovate in this area with the next generation of Apple Watch.

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A series of new patents confirms the idea that Apple will introduce glucose monitoring in a future version of the Apple Watch. From a more technical point of view, the apple brand would like to use a sensor operating using terahertz electromagnetic radiation. This solution has the advantage of giving reliable information without having to take blood as is the case today.

Today, Apple’s patents make no mention of “glucose” or “sugar level” but the technologies used by Apple, here absorption spectroscopy, suggest that it is indeed the level of sugar in the blood that is targeted by Apple in its research.

Around 500 million people worldwide have diabetes, or one in 15 people.

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