The next exchange with Apple investors promises to be eventful


On being refused by the DRY* the blocking of three new proposals that shareholders wish to submit to a vote soon, Apple had again drawn attention to some of its questionable practices last December. The firm considers in particular that its usual report on transparency contains sufficient information to justify these activities.

However, these are not the questions that are lacking since a halt was brought to the production of iPhone in China following the discovery of deplorable living conditions among the workers who manufacture them. This subject is, moreover, one of the key elements on which some people wish to debate. activists holding shares in the Apple.

See you in two months

If Apple’s quarterly results for the period October to December 2021 will be presented at the end of January (the 27th), the call with investors that will follow will mainly focus on sales figures.

March 4, on the other hand, is the date of the annual meeting between Apple and its shareholders. And according to a new article in the Financial Times, this event could tarnish the reputation of the company. Indeed, it is at this moment that the angry questions will be raised, no longer carried by whales like Carl Icahn has been able to do so in the past by requiring the company to buy back its shares, but this time by a substantial mass of “small” investors.

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According to the newspaper, the risk of generating significant changes in politics should also be taken into account. The case of the oil company ExxonMobil is cited as an example, when members of the fund Engine No 1 had forced the group to work on its greenhouse gas emissions.

Themes that annoy

Beyond the subcontractors, other issues could then be raised on D-Day, such as those concerning the suicide of an Apple employee which recently occurred and attributed to his work environment or the discriminations noted by other employees in the office. The conditions for refusing services offered on the App Store are also in the viewfinder.

* Securities and Exchange Commission, equivalent to the Autorité des Marchés Financiers in the United States

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