The next Free Fire event will be based on La Casa de Papel

The next Free Fire event will be based on La Casa de Papel

Garena’s video game joins the successful series “La Casa de Papel” to bring more excitement and adrenaline to its players

Free Fire will launch an event related to the acclaimed Spanish series La Casa de Papel, according to information provided by various media.

This is possible thanks to the alliance between Garena and Netflix, to offer new content in the battle royal. So, on the day of the new update of the game this Wednesday, July 29, also comes this news that for many will unite two passions.

It is an exclusive event of this popular series within the video game, as confirmed by Garena in an official statement after several days of leaks on YouTube. This novel proposal will imitate one of the hits of “The Professor” (protagonist of the series) and will be named “Plan Bermuda”; but to be able to make it happen you will need the complicity of the players who, just like in fiction, will be part of the group of thieves. Therefore, teamwork will be key in this instance.

This event will arrive in September and will have new game modes.

This new event can be compared to the loot mode of “Call of duty: Warzone” where the winning team will be the one that manages to collect more tickets in a given time. But in Free Fire you will have to activate some money printing machines that will be marked on the map, and can only be turned on if the players are in the area and defend it.

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