The next iPad Pro will have a 10 Hz screen

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According to Korean media The Elec, Apple reportedly planned to release an iPad Pro with a 10.86-inch OLED display before finally abandoning the project. It is Samsung Display which should have designed the panel, for a release in the coming year. For comparison, the current models are a little larger: 11 inches for the most compact against 12.9 inches for the most expensive.

It is as often not possible to know why such a change would have taken place, the two brands having of course not confirmed the news. Several hypotheses were, however, raised, including an excessively high production cost or incidents in the production line.

Objective: endurance

For Apple, it would then have been a question of a process aimed at doubling the brightness of the display while guaranteeing it a lifespan four times longer. Ultimately, it will not be so for the moment. Where another advantage could still emerge on the tablet side, it is in terms of autonomy. Indeed, we know that this type of component (it would be an LTPO system, see here for a better understanding) also supports several refresh rates.

However, if the iPad Pro available today are able to reach a frame rate of 120 Hz, the ProMotion technology would thus gain greatly in endurance with also the possibility of broadcasting up to 10 images per second only. But to do this, Cupertino would obviously have to select another brand subcontractor. Among the candidates for this title, we can notably mention LG, still in Asia.

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No need to update?

The iPad Pro of 2021 are anyway already excellent devices, as much in their design as their performance on steroids. Apple has certainly made a habit of renewing its collections every year lately, but Moore’s Law forces everything to suggest that its high-end tablets will remain unmatched for many months to come.

Is it a better strategy than to unveil an iPhone 13 and an Apple Watch Series 7 that are little different from their predecessors? May be. What is certain is that the iPad Pro M1 and its eight-core graphics card still have nothing to envy of the competition almost a half-year after their officialization.

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9 “128 GB

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