The next iPhone SE could attract a lot of Android customers

iPhone SE

Rumors are growing around the release of a new model of iPhone SE compatible with 5G. Although nothing is confirmed, the idea of ​​a launch for spring 2022 is gaining ground.

JP Morgan analysts believe that a new iPhone SE could prove to be a formidable weapon for Apple in the smartphone market. This device would thus have ” the potential to attract over a billion Android users “. In detail, nearly 1.4 billion people not yet customers of the Apple brand could thus take the plunge, and 300 million Apple users would be able to be convinced.

A smartphone for less than 500 euros?

Samik Chatterjee, from JP Morgan, explains:

Apple’s trade-in program for those who do not have an iPhone is admittedly not as attractive as the iPhone trade-in values, it could nonetheless lead to an average starting price range of 269-399 dollars for the iPhone SE 5G, which is still very competitive.

Of course, these figures should be taken with a grain of salt and will not translate into the sale of phones. According to experts, the year 2022 should nevertheless be very profitable for the apple brand. They expect the rise in ” iPhone SE unit sales amount to 30 million “, while annual iPhone shipments are estimated to be around 250 million units,” or 10 million more than a year earlier “.

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As a reminder, and still according to analysts at JP Morgan, the iPhone SE 5G could boost Apple’s valuation on the stock market. Thus, specialists are now counting on a title at $ 210. To learn more about this new device and the latest rumors, you can also find our dedicated article on the subject. It could still be marketed for less than five hundred euros and would have a larger screen.

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