Apple MAC The next Mac with M1 processor may be on...

The next Mac with M1 processor may be on the way


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Last June, during the Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced the end of its fifteen-year partnership with the Californian founder Intel. The announced alternative has since been found in the chips of the silicon program launched with the first models at the end of 2020. These carry an M1 chip, the results of which are already impressive, particularly with regard to energy consumption.

A Mac mini, a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro all three equipped with this component are already available. We also know that their manufacturer hopes to release other devices with the same technology in the coming weeks. While it is currently difficult to know the content, a registration with Bluetooth SIG However, it has just revived the debate on the release date of such articles.

For next month?

Indeed, in a file deposited with this body in charge of the certification of the same name appears a numbered model B2002. However, nothing in the current databases of the Apple brand confirms the existence of a computer corresponding to this nomenclature. Especially since the three Mac M1 released a little earlier are now listed in the same document, which leaves little doubt.

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However, it is also possible that this is only a spare part. We know that Bluetooth also concerns CPUs, which would then signify the potential arrival of a processor more in the silicon range. Its official name, meanwhile, remains unknown.

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A MacBook Air in the boxes

Several assumptions seem plausible about the Macs to come. Among them, we remember in particular the rumor about an additional MacBook Air, this time integrating the recharge MagSafe like the iPhone 12.

A MacBook Pro, without Touch Bar above the keyboard, could also be marketed soon. The abandonment of this touch screen, little used and criticized for its repeated bugs, would then probably be an opportunity to once again review the price of the machine downwards. Good news for consumers?

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- Advertisement -The next Mac with M1 processor may be on the wayThe next Mac with M1 processor may be on the way

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- Advertisement -The next Mac with M1 processor may be on the wayThe next Mac with M1 processor may be on the way

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