the OLED better than for the screen of the iPhone 14


The media The Electric has just announced that it knows Samsung’s plans for the screens of the next iPhone 14. According to the Korean media, the subcontractor has thus validated with Apple the choice of latest generation OLED technology for the iPhone 14 Pro, where the Classic iPhone 14s would settle for older hardware.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max would thus benefit from M12 tiles. If this name does not mean anything to you, it is normal: only professionals in the sector are aware of this kind of nomenclature. However, be aware that future high-end smartphones from Samsung, foldable, are also equipped with this range of components. However, we know that the displays of the Asian firm are particularly famous: according to Lemon-squeezer.netthe Galaxy Z Fold 3 is thus “gorgeous.

Cost reduction

Regarding the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, The Electric suggests that the Cupertino punters preferred to opt for the M11 screens of Samsung. We are talking here about 6.1 and 6.7-inch diagonals, which will not be equipped with the adaptive refresh rate up to 120 Hz. By opting for this version, Apple should reduce its expenses, which moreover confirms the ambitions of its CEO Tim Cook.

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Be aware, however, that the effect of this operation will be limited, since Samsung is not the only subcontractor chosen by Apple for the panels of the iPhone 14. Indeed, at the bar of the screens of the famous mobiles, we also find LG Display and BOE Electronics. This duo apparently remains a minority, most of the orders being entrusted to their competitor.

An impact on the price?

For the moment, it is difficult to know if this change in strategy will be passed on to in-store pricing. Many suggest, however, that getting an iPhone 14 will be like spending a thousand euros at a minimum, which may not suit the tightest budgets.

The iPhone 14 Pro, meanwhile, will be even more expensive with their 120 frames per second, improved processor and triple photo sensor with LiDAR on the back. And you, do you still plan to checkout for this quartet of 2022 or do you consider your current equipment to be sufficiently efficient?

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