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MacBook Pro

Apple held back by costs

Those who are waiting to see OLED technology land on MacBooks should be patient. According to rumors, Apple has indeed planned to equip its MacBooks with this technology from 2025 only. Why ? Because the apple brand would encounter some difficulties in terms of supply. The components would be too expensive, forcing it to continue negotiations with its suppliers.

According to the report of The Elec, it is in South Korea that Apple would have started discussions with its partners (Samsung and LG, as usual) to order such components, but it would not go as planned. The biggest problem of the Californian brand, which would therefore be at the level of costs, would be due to the ambitions of Tim Cook who would like to equip his machines with screens with two emissive layers which would significantly increase their lifespan.

Between OLED, mini-LED and micro-LED, Apple seems to hesitate

OLED technology is already present on the most recent Apple Watches and iPhones (iPhone X and later models), but not yet on iPads or MacBooks. According to The Elec, the arrival of OLED on iPads would be scheduled for 2023 and MacBooks around 2025. However, it seems that the Cupertuno company is encountering other problems that could further slow down the realization of its projects. Among them, we can in particular cite extended delivery times which are similar to the incidents that chip logistics are already experiencing.

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Apple has adopted the mini-LED on its iPad Pro and new MacBook Pro. This technology allows you to have deep blacks and very bright whites, for an impressive rendering.

The micro-LED on the other hand is a sophisticated version of the OLED. It gives more stunning display quality. Apple has reportedly been interested in this technology since 2014, but until now, the project is still under development. As with OLED, there’s a good chance that the micro-LED is coming to Apple Watch first, then iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks.

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