The only member of VLA who was invited to Cynthia and Carlos’s wedding

The only member of VLA who was invited to Cynthia and Carlos's wedding

Cynthia Rodríguez and Carlos Rivera continue to enjoy their trip through Europe, and although they have not confirmed the rumors about their wedding in Spain, some photos of the couple receiving the blessing of Pope Francis in the Vatican, as well as an image where Rivera wears a ring , have unleashed the strong rumor that they are already husband and wife.

It was also said that we would see the exclusive of this long-awaited union in Hola! magazine, but so far no image has been presented in said magazine.

Despite this, Alex Kaffie revealed in his column for El Heraldo that he had already seen the exclusive images and even gave details of the guests, revealing that the only known face was that of Laura G.

“I tell you that I was contacted, through a direct message from Instagram, by a person who is selling 25 photographs of the wedding of Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodríguez. Through a file that expired ten minutes after I downloaded it (opened it) I was able to see the snapshots that, due to the closeness of the shots, I deduce some of the wedding attendees took (and they were not captured with what the photographers they call telephoto). Despite the fact that the images came to me in low resolution and somewhat pixelated (distorted), I observed an enormous happiness in the contracting parties, “Kaffie wrote.

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