the ophthalmologist who relies on his macro explains himself


The telephoto lens: this is THE difference that pushes many buyers to choose the iPhone 13 Pro or its big brother rather than their more accessible versions. Among them, there is also an ophthalmologist. In an interview published last week, Dr. Tommy Korn explains how to take advantage of this sensor to take detailed pictures of the eyes of his patients.

If the initiative has something to smile about, it is no less serious: the professional explains how to decorate his consultation reports with new quality images thanks to the smartphone. But this does not appeal to everyone, starting with colleagues questioned about the use of such a consumer device to collect such crucial data.

Thousands of euros in savings

For Korn, the interest of this choice is nevertheless obvious. Indeed, where SLRs and other slit lamps are particularly expensive, an iPhone 13 Pro costs only 1,159 euros (minimum). The idea is therefore above all to spend less to equip oneself, but not to the detriment of the result according to the practitioner. This one considers indeed benefit from clichés quite usable in a medical setting, even with the mobiles of Apple. And that’s true.

Another argument, and it is probably the one that will convince the most: the remote examination. These days, many patients prefer to obtain the advice of their doctor from a distance. Equipped with an iPhone 13 Pro, the most fearful can then take a photo of their eye before sending it to the office, which is sufficient in some cases. Of course, this is also useful for saving time.

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Cinema too

In terms of connected objects, the Apple Watch is no exception. Indeed, the watch is also regularly praised by the press for its role of teletransmitter. The tocante is thus able to record cardiac, blood or sports data over the long term or even call emergency services in the event of a fall. A feature very popular with seniors, who also introduces them to digital technology.

But health isn’t the only area where Apple devices are making people happy. The applications in the seventh art are there to remind, with in particular this clip of Lady Gaga entirely shot on the iPhone 11 Pro.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

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