The Palms | Viera: “I’m beginning to see a prepared team”

Jonathan Viera, jugador de la UD Las Palmas, durante un partido.

Jonathan Viera appeared this morning at a press conference to comment on how he is facing the day marked in red for a few dates. The captain, as is usual in these games, wanted to convey calm. “The week has to be the same as the rest of the weeks. Things are going well, there is no reason to change them”. Being aware of what lies ahead, “it is an important match, to enjoy, to make the fans happy” he commented regarding the match against Oviedo.

He also confessed his temperance when speaking in the booth with the youngest. “It’s football, it’s just football. And nothing more than what has been happening from here to the back is going to happen.” Words that leave an aroma of tranquility transmitted by Valerón, which he remembered this morning. “I think that those years that I was with him have been incredible for me to have the head and be the player that I am today”affirmed the yellow captain.

How could it be otherwise, expect a difficult game. “There is going to be competition from both sides and we are going to have to do things very well if we want to win.” Warning that “if we or the fans think that we are going to win it from minute one, we are very wrong.” Although he did not hide his confidence in the group “We’ve played nine games with seven wins and two draws and now I’m beginning to see a team mentally prepared for what’s coming.”

He also had words of praise for the fans and their massive displacement to the peninsula and the speed they are acquiring tickets. “People are seeing that the team is making a great effort, that the kids are competing very well, at home and away, and people see that, notice it and that’s how it is”. And it is that the captain knows his people, “I knew he was going to respond because he has always responded.”

Shield/Flag Las Palmas

How the week before the match against Oviedo is planned: “The week has to be the same as the rest of the weeks. Things are going well, there is no reason to change them. You have to take the week as it is, a week of training and knowing that it is an important game, to enjoy, to make the fans happy that I knew would respond because they have always responded”.

What speaks to the youngest: “When you have many games like this, logically, with the kids who do not have as much experience, you try to talk and tell them to be calm, because it is football, it is only football and that nothing more than what has been happening from here is going to happen back. You have to be calm, knowing that it’s a nice game and that those of us who are lucky enough to play it should go out and do what we know, play football, play well, compete and win”.

It does not affect you to be warned: “It happened to me in Alcorcón, it happened to me in the previous game that I also had four cards, this is football. If they take my fifth on Saturday then another teammate will have to play, this is the law of life. It is clear that I would like to play everything It remains from here to the end, but hey, the games are as they are, they happen as they happen and if there is a foul that involves a card, it will have to be done”.

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The match you’re waiting for: “I imagine an intense game in which both sides are going to compete, in which we are going to have to do things very well if we want to win, and a game with our people here, with a full stadium and playing what we like. we are playing because I think we have to start calmly, especially because I think it is a very, very long game, and if between us and the fans we think that we are going to win it from minute one, we are very wrong. that in 90, 94, 95 minutes that the game has, we have to win it. We don’t have another one”.

The previous environment: “I have experienced many important games here at the stadium, but it is true that I have a different feeling now, a feeling of hope that I haven’t seen in a long time. That makes me very happy. Especially because people are seeing that the team is making a great effort, that the kids are competing very well, at home and away, and people see that, notice it and that’s it. They’re going to fill the stadium. It makes me very happy to see the illusion that all the people have for the game on Saturday.

The current moment of his career: “I think my words about the fact that I no longer had fun playing football were misunderstood, everything was taken out of context a bit. more responsibility, I’m getting older and older, the end is getting closer, so I try to enjoy football, but it’s clear that I’m not 18 years old and I don’t even have the 18-year-old head to come here, play football, have fun and go home without any problem. So they took it out of context a bit. But I’ve always had fun playing football.

Photo by Jonathan Viera

The German Devora Award: “I’m happy about the award, especially because the fans vote, I know the affection that people have for me since I joined the first team from the first day. A very nice award that hopefully on Saturday, together with the award, we can dedicate to the fans a victory because for me it is the only thing that matters to me”.

The influence of Valerón in its development: “I think that Valerón is unique and unrepeatable. I think that no one is going to come out with that talent that he had and with that good and overwhelming personality from the tranquility that he had. The truth is that I learned a lot from him when I was with him and It was an honor for me to be by his side. I think those years I was with him have been incredible for me to have a head and be the player I am today”.

Disappointment if they don’t get into promotion: “It’s clear that it would be a disappointment. We’re not going to fool ourselves. We know that if we don’t get into the playoffs it’s a disappointment for everyone, for us, for the fans, for the coaching staff, for the president, for everyone. It’s clear that We are very excited this year to get into the top six and fight to get up. If we don’t get in, it’s clear that it would be disappointing. Not failure because if we don’t do it, we’re going to try next year. And if it’s not the year that comes, it will be the next or the next, until we get it. But it is clear that it would be a disappointment for everyone. “

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How the locker room was set up after the Girona game: “We raised it together. This is a very large team. There are many people behind the team who, no, who do not appear on the cameras, but they do an incredible job and this has been everyone’s work. It is clear that there has come a time when the one that we all saw very far away. We joined more than ever, we have worked more than ever. From these two months to now, logically apart from the results because they give you a plus, people got together, there is a lot of camaraderie in the team and that is noticeable, it is noticeable on the pitch, it is noticeable in the sacrifice of the people and above all the people behind us, they have done an incredible job and work. I think that together we are what we have managed to achieve up to here. So now that we have this opportunity for Saturday, I think we can’t let it go.”

His communication with the youngest: “I talk to the kids, I talk a lot. With some more than others, like everyone else. It’s clear that I have a lot of games behind me, that I know what this is about, that they go to these games. And if I’m nervous I Well, imagine the kids who are 18 years old. So I do try to convey peace of mind to them. I’ve had individual talks with many of them and it’s normal. I know what they’re thinking, that I know the week is going to be eternal for them because I did too, and that’s the only thing I try to convey to him.

His message to the fans: “You just have to thank the people, because the truth is that they always come when they have to come and they are always there with us, no matter what happens. After what I experienced in Alcorcón the other day, I take many matches to my backs and had not experienced anything like it, or anything similar. It was incredible. And with what is happening now in practically two days [solo quedan entradas disponibles para una grada]Well imagine. On Saturday we have to go out and enjoy. It’s going to be a very nice game, very intense and make them enjoy themselves, which in the end is what they go to the stadium for and above all to win, which is the most important thing”.

Does the rivals generate fear?: “Fear no. I think that nobody is afraid. It is clear that I respect yes. Respect is earned. The years go by and it is clear that when I was 18 or 19 years old they did not enter me as they enter me today. Of course I notice it on the field, but not fear. Even I think they hit me more than anyone else. Not fear, but it is true that the respect I have earned for many years, well yes, it is true that I notice it in the team rival, especially when I finish the games and talk with the teammates from the other teams. And the truth is that it is a pleasure to see the words that they dedicate to me many times. I am very grateful to everyone, with sportsmanship, because it is not easy when If you lose a game someone comes and dedicates words to you like they have dedicated to me in recent games”.

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His opinion about García Pimienta and his coaching staff: “I have said many times that the coaching staff we have is spectacular. And I said it when the results were not good, and I will say it again now. For me it is an incredible coaching staff, they work very well, they are upright and good people and That is very important today in football. I cannot renew it because I am not the president, but it is clear – I have said it many times, I have said it here, I have said it inside, I have said it everywhere – that for It’s an incredible coaching staff for me. The truth is that I hope it lasts for many years here because I think they’re going to help us a lot and above all they’re going to help a lot to the kids who come from below because they are coaches who bet a lot on young people, who give Whatever your name is, if you have to play, you’re going to play, and that means a lot to me, especially as we are today in football.

On Manolo Márquez’s comment that he is qualified to play for Barça: “I’m not old enough to be thinking about Barcelona or those things. Those things already happened a long time ago for me. We’ll never know. If I have the capacity or not to play for Barcelona, ​​I think I’m where I want to be and hopefully I can be a long time, that my legs and head last a long time to continue giving joy to my people. And the day that it is not like that, then I will go home and be with my family”.

Encourage the winning spirit: “I’ve always said it. It’s very difficult to get used to winning. That’s why there are very few teams that win practically everything and the rest of us don’t win as much because there are very few people who get used to winning. I always tell you that it’s fucked up to win and win and win and arrive the following weekend and be with the mind set on winning again because the mind relaxes, that is the law of life. So the truth is that we have played nine games with seven wins and two draws and now I am beginning to see a team mentally prepared for what is coming, so I am very happy, very excited because what is coming, I believe and trust that we are truly prepared”.

Jesse’s form: “He’s very good. I talk a lot with him. He’s fine, he’s focused. He knows perfectly well how important the team is. He knows perfectly well what we’re playing for on Saturday. And surely on Saturday he’s going to score a goal. play a very good game, he’s going to score a goal. There’s no debate here. We’re all on the same page, we all want the same thing. From here I tell him don’t worry, he’s going to score a goal on Saturday and we’re going to win”.


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