The PC sector is growing and the iMac is no slouch

Apple iMac

This has been a constant that has been observed since the start of the pandemic: the PC industry has grown steadily over time. We know that the health crisis has generated greater demand for teleworking, or even gaming, and this is true over time.

The latest survey conducted by the specialist firm IDC confirms this trend for the third quarter of 2021. Thus, the authors found that global shipments of PCs: desktops, laptops, as well as workstations, totaled 86.7 million units over the past three months. Year over year, this represents an increase of 3.9%.

New MacBook Pros Could Boost Sales Even More

As noted PatentlyApple, this represents the sixth competitive quarter of growth, despite the shortage of computer components which generates real supply problems for manufacturers.

On the side of Apple, satisfaction is also required. The apple brand is in fourth position in this market and weighs 8.8% of the total. Over one year, the Cupertino company has experienced good growth of 9.9%. According to our colleagues, the new iMacs released last April were partly responsible for this progress.

It should not end there since Apple is preparing to release new MacBook Pros in October during a Keynote. It remains to wait for the company to communicate on this subject. We should also have a more precise idea of ​​sales when the quarterly results are presented on October 28.

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As a reminder, the study conducted last April by IDC indicated the same balance of power in the computer market, where Apple was already in fourth position. With 6.692 million Macs sold, the company is said to have more than doubled its results from the previous year.

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