the perfect mattress for your baby

the perfect mattress for your baby

Treat yourself to a small Montessori topponcino mattress is a gift idea that all moms should love. Practical and comfortable for your child, this mattress gives them confidence and well-being. I will explain to you through this article why to use this baby mattress and what are its advantages. I will also give you advice on how to get it.

What is a Montessori topponcino mattress for?

The topponcino proposed in the Montessori pedagogy is a small very flexible mattress that is suitable for your baby under 9 months. As it perfectly conforms to the shape of a baby’s body, it is an ideal support to properly support his head and back.

This mattress gives your baby a optimal security. You can easily place it in its cradle or stroller, and even on the floor without disturbing it. The child is not likely to wake up even if you move him from one place to another. Indeed, once he falls asleep on this small flexible mattress, he remains well maintained and will not feel any difference.

This small mattress is used to protect the child against the temperature contrast between your arm and his bed. If you then want to entrust it to another person, the baby will remain in his little comfort. Not only will he always feel reassured, but he will not notice anything since the smell of his topponcino is familiar to him.

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What are the advantages of using a topponcino?

Getting a Montessori topponcino has many advantages for you and your little one. Here are a few :


This mattress provides a cozy little corner for a newborn baby. The main component of a topponcino is organic cotton which is a very comfortable healthy material. This component easily absorbs moisture and quickly adapts to body temperature. This will keep your baby comfortable on his mattress because he will not neither very hot nor very cold.


Each time you put your baby on this small oval mattress, he has good freedom of movement. This is the big difference between the topponcino mattress and a simple swaddling, because it promotes the independence of your child.

The preservation of an odor

A topponcino mattress always retains the known odors by your young child. This allows you to easily free yourself from your little one. Whether it’s to put it in his bed or to give it to someone else, the baby will believe that he is always in your arms.

Easier trips

This support is also very practical for transitions and to move baby from one place to another without rushing it since it is well maintained and there is no change in smell or temperature.

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Where can you find a Montessori topponcino mattress?

For non-seamstresses, you can buy Montessori material from online shopping sites. The best known are: Etsy, AlittleMarket and La ligne Blanche. You will find soft and practical mattresses there to the delight of your little one.

I also advise you to follow tutorials to be able to make your baby’s topponcino yourself. Several videos will guide you step by step so that you can easily achieve your small mattress. Otherwise, you can simply download a pattern for topponcino.

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