The popularity of iPhones among young people is confirmed

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A survey of American teenagers confirms Apple’s dominance in the smartphone market. The analysis firm Piper Sandler found that 87% of young people surveyed were in possession of an iPhone, a score more than impressive. Likewise, 88% of teens confirm their loyalty to Apple and say that their next phone will be one of the Apple brand models.

Apple Watch is more popular than Rolex

Quoted by our colleagues fromAppleinsiderPiper Sandler CEOs Harsh Kumar and Chris Donat confirm the good news for the tech giant:

We see high penetration and intentions as important for a mature high-end smartphone market. Additionally, these trends are encouraging as the company continues to introduce new 5G iPhones. (…) We believe that these positive trends can also be a catalyst for further growth in services, as the Apple hardware installation base continues to grow.

Another lesson from the survey that should please Apple: the Apple Watch is the most popular watch brand among teenagers, ahead of one of the symbols of the sector: Rolex. The apple brand is ahead of its rival by 4 points: 39 against 35%.

Finally, and even if cash remains a popular medium among young people, Apple Pay is the most popular electronic payment solution among teenagers: 35% against 22% for PayPal and 4% for Google Pay.

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This survey only confirms the popularity of the Apple brand in the United States. To cite just one example, during the Christmas holidays in 2020, the Flurry Analytics group estimated that nine of the ten best-selling smartphones at Uncle Sam’s were iPhones.

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