The price of a mobile application in 2022

The price of a mobile application in 2022

The price of a mobile application is very variable. While some rudimentary app creation software is free, design and development costs can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. For the commercial company that creates a mobile marketplace or an e-commerce application, the average budget observed in 2022 varies between 5,000 and 30,000 €.

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It is important to note that the price of an application is usually higher than the price of a website. But, in a context where the use of mobile is booming, offering an application is often unavoidable. The company can also make its investment profitable through in-app purchases, advertising or revenue generated by the paid application.

Mobile app price ranges

At the same time as their use intensifies, the development costs of mobile applications decrease. In 2015, a worldwide survey estimated the average price of an application between $37,000 and $171,000, or between €35,500 and €164,000; in 2022, the same platform reveals that 32% of small businesses spend less than $10,000 (€9,600) for professional rendering.

The figures provided by agencies and B2B matchmaking platforms in France indicate price ranges depending on the type of mobile application:

  • Basic application, such as a brand or event showcase: between €3,000 and €10,000.
  • Mobile marketplace: between €15,000 and €35,000.
  • E-commerce application: between €20,000 and €60,000.
  • Game: between €40,000 and €80,000.
  • Social network: between €20,000 and €35,000, up to more than €100,000 for the most complex applications.
  • Internal management solution: between €15,000 and €30,000.

These figures, purely indicative, have the merit of defining an order of magnitude. The company that has a mobile application creation project knows if its budget is sufficient, and roughly assesses its return on investment. To know the exact price of its application, the company has no other solution than to obtain detailed estimates. Beforehand, it is essential to refine the project. The UI designer and the developer indeed rely on the specifications provided by the company to estimate their working time, a determining factor in the price.

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What factors influence the price of an app?

It is mainly the working time that influences the price of an application. However, several professionals are involved in the different stages of creating an application.

  1. project definition : the company determines the purpose, the appearance and the functionalities of its mobile application in a specification. From this stage, it can be accompanied by a service provider expert in digital, to ensure a result adapted not only to its requirements but also to the expectations of users. Where applicable, the company includes in its budget the rate charged by the service provider.
  2. UI design : a web designer “designs” the application, respecting the graphic charter of the brand and in the interest of the user experience. At this stage, the service provider decides in particular where to place the control buttons and how to present the menu to guarantee easy navigation. It also structures the content to highlight the most important information to the business.
  3. Development, testing and deployment : the developer codes the application in accordance with the specifications, to implement the required functionalities. User authentication, online payment, push notifications, search engine, geolocation or even chatbot: all the modules and options necessary for the operation of the mobile application are developed at this stage, before being tested. The application is then made available to users on the appstores.
  4. Promotion : to encourage downloading, the company communicates on the launch of its application. If applicable, the costs charged by the marketing consultant increase the price of the application.
  5. Maintenance and updates : data hosting, registration on the appstores or even the updates carried out by the developer have a cost, which is very negligible, however, in comparison with the pre-production and development costs. It takes, for example, $25 to register on Google Play, and pay an annual subscription of $99 to offer applications on the Apple Store.
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The working time mainly influences the price of an application, but it is the developer’s work that takes the most time, up to several months of development. The main factors influencing his quote and justifying significant price differences:

  • the operating system. The company chooses to make its native application available on iOS in the Apple Store, or on Android in Google Play. Each operating system imposes a specific programming language. Developing a native application on iOS generally costs more. The budget increases further if the company orders an Android and iOS compatible application from the developer.
  • The number and complexity of features. E-commerce, marketplace, game or even social network: each type of mobile application has its standard functionalities, to which the company wishes to add additional developments, to stand out and bring more added value to the user. Each option, each innovation requires hours of work billed by the developer.

Main factors of variation of the price of an application, with the cost of the design, the technology and the functionalities thus represent effective levers to reduce the budget allocated to the project.

How to estimate the price of an application of a mobile application?

To estimate the total price of its mobile application, the company has several options, each with a distinct level of reliability:

  • Based on average price ranges : survey institutes and communication agencies regularly publish updated prices for mobile applications. These ranges are indicative, but provide information on an order of magnitude. B2B networking platforms also indicate the hourly rate or the average daily rate for freelancers in web development and web design. This information makes it possible to compare the prices, but does not make it possible to estimate the price insofar as it is difficult for the company to know the working time necessary for the creation of its application.
  • Use an online price simulator : some websites offer to calculate the price of a mobile application, by entering the main criteria for cost variation. Simulation forms cannot offer an exhaustive list of functionalities to be developed, so the company must take these additional costs into account to estimate the total price.
  • Request quotes from freelancers : the company can contact a web designer and a developer, and detail their application creation project to obtain a precise quote. The freelancer’s proposal, issued in contractual form, commits him to the price.
  • Entrust the project to a digital agency : the agency offers a tailor-made service, which includes all or part of the stages of creation of the application. The company can thus request a detailed estimate, all inclusive, from the development of the specifications to the promotion of the application. The agency’s proposal commits it to the price and deadlines.
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