The price of Apple Watch and Macs down sharply (-25%)?

Mac Pro fiche technique

25%: this is the potential price drop that could soon benefit the Mac Pro, a high-performance desktop computer marketed by Apple since 2019 in France. The Apple Watch, the most popular (connected) watch in the world, is likely to see its price reduced by 7.5%. However, it is not sure that the end customers will benefit from it… Explanations.

According to the major American media CNBC, which reports this information, it is in fact there of reductions which relate to the cost of production of the two devices. Suffice to say: not the one you find in the Apple Store. The difference between the two is very clear, since the amount displayed in official stores is on average 40% higher than what amounts to the total components + labor + transport.

Relations with Asia are relaxing

When the Trump administration was in power, hefty taxes were put in place to penalize imports from China. Apple therefore very recently filed a request with the competent authorities to put an end to some of these practices, which seems to be on the right track because a new president now sits in the White House.

In its defense, Cupertino also recalls in the documents sent to regulators that its Watch is designed in California, while suggesting that some deliveries come from different countries. Two arguments that could help him obtain a waiver from the officials, who have not yet rendered their decision to date.

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What about us?

So, will the Apple Watch and Mac Pro be cheaper? Hard to say. To get an idea, just compare the prices of these two flagship products before and after Trump’s visit to Washington.

For the wearable, the base price was 319 euros with the Series 2 at the end of 2016 against 429 euros with the launch of the Series 6 at the end of 2020 (+ 34.5% approximately). As for the Mac Pro, it is now worth at least 6,499 euros while its cylindrical edition abandoned in December 2019 was sold for 3,399 euros (+ 91.2%). So admittedly, inflation and the integration of certain innovations may have pushed up the bill, but the numbers are there and it is in theory possible to see the prices go down for the users. Especially when you know that some computers with Apple silicon chip are more affordable than their Intel versions.

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