The price of this Apple computer exceeds 100,000 euros

Apple I

Once is not custom, here is a new collector’s item signed Apple is auctioned for a tidy sum. This time it is an Apple I PC, one of the very first machines of its kind dedicated to everyone. When it was released, the beast was selling for $ 666.66 (over $ 2,300 nowadays, including inflation) for a manufacturer cost of $ 540.

At the house of John Moran, on the other hand, the device is now offered at $ 200,000. Or quite simply three hundred times more than its base price, a sign that the object has seriously increased in value since then. An amount which is explained in particular by the fact that there are in fact only six devices of the same kind, that is to say with this case in acacia koa so characteristic. Indeed, at the time, other buyers had to fend for themselves to find a keyboard, a power supply or even a monitor.

How to bid?

If the game tempts you, know that the value of the device is estimated between 400,000 and 600,000 dollars. Potentially, this Apple I computer could therefore find a buyer for more than 500,000 euros at the current exchange rate. An amount that is obviously not within the reach of everyone, but we know that Apple addicts are sometimes willing to spend a lot to achieve their follies. Just take a look at this sample collection to find out.

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To participate in the auction, all you need to do is follow this link and to consult the indications specified by John Moran. These may be quite restrictive: financial supporting documents may in fact be requested from those who wish to participate, in order to verify that they have the necessary funds for their stake. Note that the lucky lucky winner who wins the jackpot will also be provided with a certificate of authenticity to guarantee that the computer is not a trivial counterfeit.

Performance far below the Mac!

Despite everything, there is little chance that the purchaser of this nugget will one day really be useful. Because with only 8 kb of RAM (expandable up to 64 kb), it really does not come close to the latest iMac with up to 16 GB of memory soldered to the proprietary M1 processor …

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