The prices of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and Max finally revealed?

iPhone 14 Pro

According to the latest information regarding the price at which Apple would like to sell its next high-end iPhone, it could amount to a thousand euros with the base model. However, according to information this time from @LeaksApplePro, the “classic” iPhone 14 would in fact be sold for $ 799. For comparison, this is also the sum to pay to afford an 11-inch iPad Pro in 128 GB in the United States, while it is worth 899 euros in France.

With its probable 6.1-inch screen, the iPhone 14 will surely look exactly like its predecessor. However, the latter is currently billed 909 euros. It would therefore be very surprising to see Apple “lower” its prices: apart from when it switched to proprietary chips on the Mac, such behavior is not in its habits. What’s more, the phones currently available already cost the same amount as the iPhone 12 when they were released, a sign that rise is more and more possible.


@LeaksApplePro is not yet its first such rumor, so the account had already predicted the arrival of the latest Apple TV 4K. However, it is impossible to know if he is correct regarding the iPhone 14, especially since their announcement is still quite far since it usually takes place in the month of September.

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The iPhone 14 Max cheaper than the Pro?

It is also indicated that the iPhone 14 Max (6.7 inches) would for its part be proposed at 899 dollars, that is to say maybe 1,009 euros in France. But the iPhone 14 Pro, with its smaller display (6.1 inches) and its better photo sensor, meanwhile, would be worth $ 1,099 or 1,229 euros in France. A difference of 220 euros therefore, even though we know that the most expensive component in the iPhone is precisely their touch screen. Logically, it should therefore be more expensive if it is larger.

Despite everything, as @LeaksApplePro explains, his words could be corroborated by changes in the prices of subcontractors. We know, for example, that the chips continue to be lacking, while the lens periscope expected in the iPhone 14 Pro and in the iPhone 14 Pro Max is a novelty whose prices could also play against them.

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