the prices of the new iPhone SE and iPad Air are known


While Apple took advantage of this week to make several major announcements during its “Peek Performance” conference on Tuesday evening. In addition to the highly anticipated third generation iPhone SE, Apple has announced the arrival of a new iPad Air, the fifth of the name, which will be entitled to the M1 chip.

With this new processor, Apple’s product could well appeal to many customers, and it is therefore normal, when you are about to pay several hundred euros for a tablet, to want to protect it. If the so-called “active” protections such as hulls and other glass systems are obvious, there are also “passive” solutions such as Apple Care+.

Apple Care+: prices change

This Apple insurance system allows the product to be replaced if it is the victim of a problem, whether due to a manufacturing defect or improper handling on the part of its owner. In this regard, Apple’s insurance has lowered its prices on the iPhone SE (any generation). You now have to pay €89 to protect your phone.

It is therefore a saving of 10€ compared to the price displayed last week. Note that the price between the iPhone SE of 2020 and that of 2022 is +40€, this drop in Apple Care+ is therefore offset for Apple by a more expensive selling price for the phone itself.

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But this drop in prices is not reflected in the prices of Apple Care+ for the new iPad Air. On the contrary, the price increases here by €10, going from €79 to €89.

As Apple reminds us on its online store, Apple Care+ insurance contracts are valid for two years, they cover both technical problems and incidents such as falls or water infiltration (no more than two per year). These “incidents” are nevertheless subject to an excess depending on the seriousness of the damage suffered by the device.

A normally more resistant iPhone SE

Insurance can be taken out when ordering or for a period of 60 days after purchase. As a reminder, Apple ensures that the new iPhone SE is the strongest in its range. Built with a glass back on the front and back, however, it lacks the Ceramic Shield, which is exclusive to the iPhone 12 and 13 at the moment.

Regarding the iPad Air 5, Apple did not make any particular statement on the solidity of the tablet during its presentation keynote. We should know more about this in the next few days when the first hands-on will bloom.

Apple iPad Air 4

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