The ‘Profe’ Ortega: “I’m not sure that Atleti will let me go to the World Cup”

El Profe Ortega da indicaciones a Koke en un entrenamiento del Atlético

Oscar Ortega, the Teacher of the Athletic, has overcome one of his great professional challenges in recent months. The physical trainer of the rojiblanco team has combined its work with Uruguay, with whose team he worked in the last two breaks to help her qualify for the World Cup. Now, Ortega wants to be in Qatar, but it is not yet clear what will happen. The coach spoke on the Uruguayan radio Sports 890 to assess this adventure and what he expects from the future.

Athletic Shield/Flag

“The passage of the national team, beyond professional growth, made me feel very comfortable. I had to live very emotional moments. For me it was something magical and sensational”, admits the Teacherrecruited by Diego Alonso for his team. “The permission that Atlético gave me was for the two keys that were played in qualifying rounds. From then on the link was closedI had some contact with people from AUF but simply because a friendship was formed,” he adds.

But once that objective was fulfilled, Ortega rejoined Atlético for the final stretch of the season. “I immediately got involved with Atlético. It’s my home, I’ve been here for 10 consecutive years, I’m with a coach with whom I’ve been working for 15 years”. And he thinks about the future: “I haven’t talked at all with people from Atlético about a possible continuity in the national team. One visualises, a World Cup, how nice it would be in one’s career… Every professional dreams of being there”.

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“I will listen to Atlético, the AUF and I will decide”

The Prof still doesn’t know anything about what will happen: “Me today, seeing a little how the championship is being handled, I see it difficult for me to be in the World Cup. I love Uruguay, I’m a fan, but I have to take care of everything that unites me with Atlético. I am not so sure that he authorizes me to work in the World Cup.”

And concludes: “When the time comes, I will listen to what Atlético thinks, what the AUF proposes and I will make a decision. Diego (Simeone) knows what the national team means to me, we talk about what the possibilities of the national team are, he listens to me and supports me, he opens up all the options so that I can feel as comfortable as possible”.

Ortega also had words to Louis Suarez, compatriot and teammates at Atlético: “Suarez he is a great professional, he keeps himself in good condition, he does not have a physical problem. It is not his turn to play because there are footballers who are doing it with better performance. I’m hoping that He’s going to make it to the World Cup very well.”


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