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For many, many years now, rumors have reached us around an Apple Car project. However, the whole remains relatively vague, and we sometimes talked about a vehicle, while sometimes it was more a question of creating autonomous driving systems.

A new article from the media The Information brings new elements to this initiative, and they are not exactly good news for all those who are enthusiastic about this idea. According to our colleagues, the Tech giant has been fighting for this Titan project for more than 8 years.

Real development concerns for the autonomous driving system?

The media spoke with 20 people who worked on this development. Through a simple example, they illustrate the difficulties encountered in their work. Thus, in August 2021, Apple would have used several prototypes of autonomous vehicles to travel 65 km in Montana. This moment, immortalized by drones and watched by all the company’s senior executives, was very encouraging.

Except that these same vehicles driving some time later in Silicon Valley would have experienced real problems, in particular problems of collisions with curbs. The case cited by these employees would be emblematic because it shows how engineers spend a lot of time doing demonstrations on known roads to show the seriousness of their technologies, without the system always working in other places.

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The Information also mentions a certain skepticism on the part of the management of the Cupertino company. Media sources report in particular the reluctance of Tim Cook to go to the premises of the Titan project, or his refusal to launch mass production.

As always, great care should be taken with this information, which cannot be verified. Anyway, we certainly haven’t finished hearing about the Apple Car, which is attracting real attention from the press and the general public.

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