the public beta version might arrive late due to bugs

Apple WWDC 21

The WWDC conference will take place June 6-10. This annual event, although it mainly targets developers, is eagerly awaited by all Apple fans. Indeed, it is during this that the firm lifts the veil on the new version of iOS. The presentation is followed by the release of the beta versions which allow you to test the new features before the stable version which generally arrives in September.

Unfortunately, the general public may have to wait a little longer than usual this year to be able to test the new features of iOS 16. This is, in any case, what is suggested by a recent tweet from Mark Gurman, reporter at Bloomberg, and one of the most trusted sources of leaks when it comes to future Apple products.

“The first public beta of iOS 16 is scheduled alongside iOS 16 developer beta 3 in July. The first iOS public betas are usually released alongside Beta 2. This means that the public beta may be late”can we read in the publication.

As a reminder, after the presentation of the new features of iOS, Apple first publishes a first beta for developers. And normally, it is at the same time as the second beta for the developers that Apple releases the first beta version for the general public (the time that Apple makes the software more stable for the general public).

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But according to Gurman, the consumer beta might arrive late, and be released alongside the third developer beta (instead of being released with the second developer beta).

Why are you late ? According to the journalist’s explanations, the versions of iOS 16 that Apple is testing internally would have a lot of bugs. In other words, Apple’s engineers might need more time to release a beta suitable for ordinary users. Nevertheless, Gurman also indicates that “things are still fluid and could change”.

iOS 16: what changes for the operating system?

Recently, in his newsletter, the Bloomberg journalist had mentioned the changes that Apple could make to iOS 16. According to him, the Cupertino company should not present significant changes in terms of design.

However, important innovations would be planned at the system level. And Apple is also said to have developed new ways to interact with iOS, as well as new apps for users.

WWDC is expected to focus on Macs as well, given that the transition of Apple computers from Intel processors to Apple Silicon chips is supposed to be completed this year. According to some sources, Apple could take advantage of this conference to (finally) unveil its new MacBook Air.

This would have a new design, inspired by that of the latest MacBook Pro (notch included), and use a new generation of Apple Silicon chip: the M2.

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