The quarry continues with an economic surplus but a sports deficit

La cantera sigue con superávit económico pero déficit deportivo

Alexander Well is definitively disassociated from Seville upon making effective the obligation that the Almeria I had to sign him in case of promotion. This It represents for Sevilla an income of five million euros and confirms that the quarry continues to generate an economic surplus, but it does not come out of the red in terms of contribution to the first team.

Shield/Flag Seville

Between the sales of Bryan Gil to Tottenham and Carlos Fernández to Real Sociedad a year ago, and now Pozo, Sevilla has earned almost 45 million euros for players trained at home. But, paradoxically, the contribution of these players to the Sevilla first team can only be described as scant. Only the brightness they had in their assignments, Bryan Gil in the EibarCharles in the Grenade and Pozo in Almería, has put them in a showcase that Sevilla now benefits from.

Nevertheless, the sevillista subsidiary, which has descended from 1st RFEF, continues without consolidating anyone in the first team. And he hasn’t even done it in a season in which the plague of injuries forced Lopetegui to pull several players from the Seville Athletic. Iván Romero, Juanlu, Alfonso Pastor, Luismi or Zarzana are the names of some of those who had opportunities but not continuity. And in the club they know that the quarry is a subject that has been choking for a long time.

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