The reason you should never have sex after exercising

The reason you should never have sex after exercising

Much debate has generated the issue of sex and sport For several years now, especially after some soccer coaches prohibit their players from being intimate with their partners just days or hours before an important game, as it was believed that this activity could detract from their energy, although several studies have shown otherwise.

But, How good is it to have sex after exercising?

Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD, urologist and sexual health expert at Orlando Health, in an interview for GQ magazine indicated that, for physical reasons, there is no better time to have sex than to exercise, since the blood is flowing properly, the hormones, specifically adrenaline and dopamine, are accelerated, which increases sexual desire and libido, and in addition, pheromones are released to such a degree that women are more attracted to men, this also due to increased testosterone .

Brahmbhatt ensures that if you want to experience good sex you should practice it between 15 and 60 minutes after completing your routine. Despite this, the doctor recommends refraining from doing so.

What is the reason?

Although there are many benefits, the truth is that sweat along with some germs and bacteria that you can come into contact with when you go to a gym they could cause you to develop a disease that mainly attacks men.

We mean the callto Tinea cruris, which is a skin problem that affects the crotch and genital area. This can develop due to sweat, as well as clothing or towels that are contaminated. It presents as a rash, a lot of itching, and red spots that are usually ring-shaped and with small blisters.

It is contagious and you can easily pass it on to your partner.

So the specialist recommends washing your hands or bathing and drying yourself with clean towels to avoid the development of this disease.


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