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WWDC 2022

That’s it: WWDC, Apple’s annual mass for creators of applications for its devices, has just ended. During this colorful edition, the encoders were able to discover all the changes made to computers, tablets, watches and mobiles from the apple brand. Announcements presented over several days, the fourth of which is summarized for you right here in pictures. Let’s now take stock of the fifth day, which closed the event last Friday.

Stage Manager, headliner of iPadOS 16

To begin with, Apple has focused on making changes to platforms so that they are compatible with the native Stage Manager feature of iPadOS 16. This allows apps to behave like the ones you install on Mac, as resizable and stackable windows as you wish. A boon for all fans of the tactile and nomadic workstation offered by the iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard duo, in particular.

Be careful though, because as we explained here Stage Manager is unfortunately not available on all Cupertino tablets. Indeed, only those with a M1 chip are eligible. Exit the iPad mini 6 and the iPad 9.

Optimize energy consumption

Apple’s video also reminds us that it is very important to think about the energy expenditure of your apps as a developer. Indeed, even if the iOS x Apple silicon optimization does a remarkable job, the screen remains the primary source of battery drain and some key parameters should not be overlooked accordingly.

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Among the other factors seriously affecting the autonomy of the iPhone or iPad, Apple also mentions the case of the capacities of machine learningbackground behavioral data analysis, and automatic backups.

For further

Finally, the fifth day of WWDC was also an opportunity to learn more about the creating a server app with Swift or possibilities offered by Xcode in its latest version.

Another conference will take place next year specifies Apple, but without indicating the date. In the meantime, we hope that the calm returned after the COVID crisis will allow speakers to return to the stage in California.

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