The repairability index arrives on our PCs and smartphones

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Since January 1, electronic products such as PCs and smartphones must display a repairability index. This should help consumers choose which product is the easiest to repair. In order to limit overconsumption and waste.

Today, only 40% of broken electronic products are repaired, a figure that the government would like to see approach 60% by 2025. It is indeed environmentally preferable to have a high-tech product repaired rather than to have it repaired. replace. But the famous product must still be repairable, and that it does not cost more than the product itself.

5 rating criteria

For the moment, the index applies to 5 different types of products: PCs, smartphones, televisions, window washing machines, and lawn mowers. Other devices should be added to the list in the course of 2021.

The index will be based on several criteria, including “availability of documentation for disassembly and repair”, but also “ease of access to parts to be replaced and the need for specific tools”. Another criterion taken into account by this new index: the “availability of spare parts”, as well as the price of the latter. If repairs are only possible at an exorbitant cost, the index score will be impacted.

Today, each manufacturer is asked to display the repairability index of the latter in the technical sheet of their product. For physical stores, the rating must be visible on the product, as is already the case with energy consumption ratings for household appliances (the latter have also changed their rating).

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If an index of reparability appears to be false, the law gives the right to the DGCCRF, the General Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control, to open an investigation, and to sanction the company in question, if fraud is proven.

No rating yet for iPhone and Mac

The site comes to identify the repairability sheets of the main products that exist on the market today. The Fnac Darty group has set up its own after-sales service scale to help consumers make their choice. This barometer has the advantage of also taking into account the reliability of the product.

For the moment, no repairability note has been published for the iPhone or Mac. After having revised its packaging, to add headphones, French legislation has once again made an exception to French iPhones.

Often criticized for making “programmed obsolescence” the apple brand has been engaged for several years in a fight against waste. Despite everything, iPhone like Mac should, given the criteria, not be the best students on the market with regard to this new index of repairability. Indeed, the repair price displayed by Apple may hurt the rating of their iPhone.

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