The Return Times of a Store Soon Displayed in Google Search Results?

Google is currently testing a new addition to its search results associated with e-commerce stores: the return times offered by the online store directly displayed in the category snippets, under the meta description.

Which search results and types of pages are affected?

According to the screenshot shared on Twitter by an American SEO, categories seem to be the only type of page concerned by this test currently. However, it is quite easy to imagine that Google could also deploy this same information on the snippets of product sheets, in addition to data on reviews, prices and stock status (in stock or out of stock).

serp test e-commerce return delay

A new rich snippet associated with

example bestbuy google return delay
Source capture: Search Engine Roundtable

According to analysis of the BestBuy URL via Google’s rich snippets tool, no mention of the return time is present in structured data, so it could be that Google performs the extraction. -even from pages on which the information is publicly displayed to Internet users.

In the case of BestBuy, a dedicated page on their site clearly indicates the 15-day return period, which could confirm this hypothesis.

According to other English-speaking professionals, this new test could also be linked to the program called “Shopping experience scorecard” (only in the United States for the moment), which awards a badge to e-merchants offering a good user experience. To participate in this Google program, e-merchants are indeed obliged to send Google a few key KPIs associated with the shopping experience, including the average time granted to customers to make their returns.

A test observed in France?

For the moment, this test has only been observed on SERPs in the United States. However, there is a good chance that Google will deploy the feature internationally if its tests are conclusive across the Atlantic.

What impacts can be expected?

If the data is displayed on all search results listed in the Google search page, a positive or negative impact on the SEO CTR depending on its return conditions vis-à-vis those of its competitors.


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