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The revolution is on


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The world of the personal computer has been turned upside down recently with the release of the new Mac M1. These indeed integrate a new chip designed by Apple, as part of the Apple Silicon project. The latter wants in the long term to see all Macs running under Apple architecture, and no longer under Intel architecture.

This transition announced during the WWDC in June 2020 was eagerly awaited, because on mobile, Apple already offers some of the best processors on the market. The question was whether the Californian firm is capable of doing as well on a computer. And according to the first tests, it seems to be the case. The M1 chip provides impressive performance, especially since it also underlies better battery life on portable Macs. However, all is not rosy and some drawbacks tarnish the picture, including application compatibility which is not yet complete.

Either way, the switch to Mx chips on the Mac is a turning point, at least at Apple, if not more widely. On this subject, we were asking you for your opinion several days ago, in order to have an overview of the way in which the general public perceives this novelty.

The results

The title of the poll was: “Apple’s New M1 Chip, For You, It Is”. There were 4 possible answers:

  • Promising, I’m waiting for the rest
  • A revolution, I buy now
  • Worrisome, too many disadvantages
  • Catastrophic, Apple goes straight into the wall
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You were a little less than 500 participants. Here is without further delay the distribution of votes:


For a large majority of you, 97%, the new M1 chip is promising. Among these conquered, 6 out of 10 readers still prefer to wait for the continuation at this stage, when 4 out of 10 readers say they are ready to buy a Mac M1 now, considering the Apple Silicon transition as a real revolution.

Less than 4% of voters judged the M1 chip negatively. For them, the Silicon project is a bad idea from Apple.

The year 2021, the expected confirmation

In comments, many of you also consider the M1 chip as a real revolution, without necessarily wanting to buy one of the new machines incorporating the Apple processor immediately. And I believe that’s what a lot of those who follow the case closely will do: hand over this first generation of Apple Silicon products and wait to see what the California firm will offer in 2021.

In this regard, according to the latest rumors, an M2 chip would already be in the boxes to equip the next Mac Pro and iMac. These machines could appear at the end of next year and offer up to 20 hearts! In the meantime, an M1x processor could see the light of day, a sort of amphetamine-boosted M1 chip. This SoC would equip the next-generation 16 ″ MacBook Pro from the first quarter of 2021.

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So, who will buy an Apple Silicon Mac in 2021 among you?

Anyway, thank you all for taking this survey. While waiting for the launch of our next survey, do not hesitate to take a look at our previous surveys and their results here.

The revolution is on

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