The same battery for several brands of electric motorcycles | Motorcycles

The same battery for several brands of electric motorcycles | Motorcycles

The argument that Union make force, although as much as accurate when facing great challenges. The one with the electrification of mobility presents that magnitude and that is why four powerful global companies of the motorcycle sector have signed an ambitious collaboration agreement for the development of common and interchangeable batteries for its zero-emission models.

Honda, Yamaha, KTM Group and Piaggio Group have formalized a previous letter of intent to create a consortium that energizes this project. The idea is simple: if your electric motorcycles use the same batteries and can be interchanged between different brands, its implementation will be easier and the service to users will be more complete and efficient.

The Consortium of Electric Motorcycle Batteries (SBMC for its acronym in English) aspires precisely to that, to satisfy the needs that its customers may have in terms of electromobility stuff refers, collaborating with interested parties and the corresponding legislative bodies for the creation of international technical standards. The brands involved consider that the dispersion in the charging stations and the information to the motorists of electric vehicles is deficient and their objective is change this trend, expanding the infrastructure to promote the use of motorcycles without emissions.

Yoshishige Nomura, responsible for operations of Honda Motos, explained the claims of this consortium: “We must rsolve various challenges, how to extend the autonomy, shorten the charging time and reduce costs vehicle and infrastructure to improve customer comfort. In the consortium we have created, the founding members of the motorcycle industry and other stakeholders will work together to standardize interchangeable batteries, your charging systems and surrounding infrastructure to create the environment for your use. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that motorcycles remain a useful transportation method in future mobility ”.

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