LifeStyle Relationships The secret behind Chiquis Rivera's beautiful hair

The secret behind Chiquis Rivera’s beautiful hair


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Chiquis Rivera he learned very well from his mother Jenny and is that the oldest daughter of the late singer is currently one of the most popular women in the Rivera family. And something she knows how to do very well is always look radiant at any event. Today we are going to talk to you about her beautiful hair and the secret behind her looks.

The singer has been seen with different styles: short, curly, long and straight and each time she wears a healthy hair. And according to your personal stylist, secret is knowing how to choose your extensions well, as well as how to put them.

So each look Chiquis has worn was carefully selected by his expert, who combines perfectly the textures between the singer’s real hair and creates each of the extensions especially for her.

It was thanks to Jenni Rivera that perfect the technique to place them because the Diva de la Banda in their concerts used many styles and since there was no time to style it so quickly, he would go to remove and put the extensions quickly.

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He drives me nuts sometimes, but has a heart of gold. 🤴🏼💛 He means well, and wants the best for everyone. He’s not greedy, envious or vengeful, which makes me feel peace in my heart, and is exactly what I need, especially in times like these. He’s a nerd! … He knows a little bit about everything, and he if doesn’t you better believe the next time you ask him he will be well informed! lol 🤓 (I know all about geography because of him! Haha) He’s funny, he’s a good dancer, not to mention an amazing singer… and well um, he’s the life of the party anywhere he goes! 🤦🏼‍♀️ lol… anyways, what I’m basically saying is, this is my quarantine partner, and I’m so glad and thankful to God he chose him to be with me in this very moment. I can’t wait to be able to dress up again and enjoy a night out with you. @ lorenzomendez7 I love you fucker! 🤪😍😘 #ChiZo #GodBeWithUsAll #UnitedWeStand

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- Advertisement -The secret behind Chiquis Rivera's beautiful hairThe secret behind Chiquis Rivera's beautiful hair

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- Advertisement -The secret behind Chiquis Rivera's beautiful hairThe secret behind Chiquis Rivera's beautiful hair

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