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Apple Car concept

For several years now, the Apple Car project has given rise to many rumors. The idea of ​​seeing the Cupertino company embark on such a market has, it is true, enough to entertain many fantasies. However, and although it has never officially confirmed, it seems that the Apple brand wants to produce an electric vehicle with autonomous driving.

Apple would have already discussed with Korean manufacturers in the past

To carry out its initiative, Apple would have sent a team to South Korea last December, according to ET News. The objective is thus to meet suppliers able to produce basic components essential to produce the Apple Car.

According to our colleagues, this approach has even sparked fierce competition between these various competitors with the aim of integrating the supply chain of this new vehicle. However, Apple gives itself time and should finalize its choice during the year 2022.

No name is mentioned but the article also tells us that Apple would have required a manufacturer to double its production capacity for electrical parts. Similarly, some current iPhone suppliers want to get involved in this Apple Car project.

Note that some rumors had reached us in the past about the fact that the Tech giant had established links with the Korean companies Kia and Hyundai, even if the discussions would have obviously gone badly with the latter.

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As always, it will therefore still be necessary to show a great deal of patience before knowing more and being able to confirm or not this information. In the meantime, you can always read our latest article on the Apple Car, where we learn in particular that no announcement is planned for this year and that the most optimistic forecasts are for a launch in 2024.

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