The signing of Florin Andone: from pitch to firecracker


Florin Andone arrived at Cádiz in the summer market on loan from Brighton. At first, his incorporation was welcomed with enthusiasm, but the reality is that he finally failed to make a place for himself in the team. The one that arrived in Cádiz like a ball ended up becoming a firecracker.

Photo by Florin Andone

Already facing the winter market and in a Christmas toast with the press, Manuel Vizcaino, president of Cádizspoke in the following terms of the striker: “Florin, what is established is that he comes out. He is a player that perhaps the head does not give him, but the behavior in training, his football level, is a kid who gives everything. But maybe right now he can’t help us as he would like.”

However, the striker had to continue in the Cadista ranks despite the few minutes he had added up to then. To top, a foot injury kept him away from the pitch even of the calls during almost the entire last stretch of competition.

Finally, the Romanian striker leaves Cádiz with a total of 173 minutes spread over 5 light competition games and 246 minutes in four Copa del Rey games. Also in this tournament, the striker debuted as a scorer and his goal was worth the round pass against Albacete.

Cadiz Shield/Flag

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Cádiz was not right with his signing. Failing to get into the team, he arrived Lucas Perez in the winter market to reinforce the lead and help the yellows in permanence. Now Florin Andone will return to Brightona club with which he still has one more year on his contract.


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