The silicon MacBooks more expensive than those with an Intel chip?


According to a new report by DigiTimes, the subcontractor TSMC would be on the verge of raising the price of its processors engraved with a fineness of less than seven nanometers. It is in this range that the A14 CPU of the fourth generation iPad Air is located, but also the M1 installed under the cabin of the new iMac and thirteen-inch MacBook Pros.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is also believed to be responsible for the performance of the upcoming iPhone 13, if the most recent speculation is to be believed. From there to seeing a possible consequence on the orders of the brand to the apple, there is only one step, especially since delivery concerns have already started to impact its future products.

Stock for the first purchases

While it is difficult to really make the link between production costs and commercial pricing on such a scale, there are still several ways out for TSMC customers here. Apple, for example, is relatively famous for keeping pace with the millions of consumers won over by its annual announcements. To the rescue, it is on an equally large stock of devices that the brand then counts.

This strategy has been brilliantly illustrated in the past. The closest example is the damage caused by a global shortage of processors, seriously affecting several major manufacturers such as Apple or Samsung. As for the second, it is quite simply the coronavirus pandemic: following several episodes of contamination, factories had to close their doors, then forcing manufacturers to review their medium-term plans.

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Several MacBooks on the way

When the first MacBook Pro with an M1 processor was released, the most picky had noticed a price fifty euros cheaper than the basic Intel version (1,449 against 1,499 euros). Unlike the Mac mini where the difference is clearer (799 vs 899 euros), the difference between the old and the new price is therefore much less significant here. Will it be compensated by the change initiated on TSMC’s side?

To find out, see you next month: a major keynote would be planned, to announce the Apple Watch Series 7 but also several laptops equipped with chips assembled by the Asian founder.

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