The smartphone market is collapsing but not Apple

Comparatif iPhone SE 2 vs iPhone SE 3

For the past few months and the end of the health crisis in many countries, smartphone manufacturers have felt a backlash from their extremely rapid growth caused by confinements and the obligation to work from home. In Africa and East Asia, things are such that the latest report on the subject shows a drop in sales of almost 8% year-on-year between 2021 and 2022.

But according to Counterpoint, the source of these figures, only one brand manages to resist the collapse of the market. This company that has found the miracle recipe to preserve growth even with such low demand: it’s Apple. The Cupertino company would have managed to sell 2% more iPhones between the second quarter of 2021 and that of 2022.

Apple: the only brand to show growth

The figures of the Apple brand make it the leading brand in the region, and Apple largely dominates certain markets, such as India, where the firm is in a strong position. According to analyst Yang Wang, the overall market decline is very logical.

“Inflation induced by food and fuel shortages have dampened consumer demand, while the decline in national currencies against the US dollar has reduced consumers’ purchasing power,” he explains in his last report.

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But when it comes to Apple, the laws of supply and demand seem to twist. The apple brand which was beginning to lose significant market share, especially with the arrival of Chinese manufacturers Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme and Vivo. But now, in the end, it is the latter who suffer the most today and the American giant manages to maintain a certain growth.

Apple and Samsung: the two giants are holding their own

Counterpoint affirms in conclusion that the deterioration of sales over this year 2022 is linked to macroeconomic issues and that the market, although very disturbed, should succeed in recovering from this fall, to rebound again well.

Encouraging sign of a return to normal. Samsung managed to ship more smartphones in the last quarter, especially thanks to its “A” series which is very successful in many countries. With Apple, the two historical manufacturers are therefore the companies that are doing the best in these difficult times, as if to teach their new Chinese competitors a good lesson.

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