The songs of his new album

Chiquis Rivera inherited her mother Jenni’s talent for music and in honor of that she recently released her most recent album called “Abeja Reina”, made up of 18 songs.

The names of the songs that Rosie Rivera’s niece chose are: Intro (explicit), Abeja Reina (explicit), My Problem, La Ex, Interlude, A lo Menso, Between Kisses and Drinks, Anybody, Interlude 2, When will I Amarán?, Interlude 3, I want to wake up with someone, The Honor, Interlude 4, The one that is fashionable is me, Interlude 5, Contraband and Outro.

Lorenzo Méndez’s ex-partner chose this particular name for the project inspired by the “BossBee Nation” concept, the namesake of a foundation through which she inspires and helps young people fulfill their dreams. The singer believes that without her her “bees” would not have been able to get to where she is today, according to detailed information in the Los Angeles Times.

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