The Spotify app on Apple Watch, finally independent


Apple has been offering a Spotify application on its connected watch, the Apple Watch, for more than two years. But the latter was so far not completely disconnected from your iPhone, making its use quite rudimentary. The application was only used as a “remote control” for the iPhone which had to be kept nearby. It was the phone that handled the broadcast, not the watch, which had the controls on its screen.

But Spotify has changed this way of doing things, it is now possible to run the application only using your Apple Watch. For example, if it has a cellular connection or wifi, it can connect to Spotify on its own and offer you your usual library. News that was eagerly awaited by some of the users of the streaming service. By acquiring this new feature, Spotify is gradually approaching Apple Music.

Accelerated development

Despite the differences between Spotify and Apple, especially around the issue of commissions in the App Store, the streaming platform does not forget its audience on Apple devices.

In recent weeks Spotify has intensified the development of its application on iPhone. It now benefits from a widget under iOS 14, like its direct competitor Apple Music.

Already last spring, the Spotify teams had improved Siri support in the application. While the fight with the native Apple Music service may seem overwhelming, Spotify remains the leading music streaming application in the world to this day. on Apple devices alone, the Swedish music company has nearly 120 million subscribers, twice as many as Apple Music.


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