the Star Wars iPhone that you won’t be able to buy

iPhone 4 death star

DongleBookPro, a YouTube channel relatively unknown to the battalion, has just shared images of an iPhone 4 and its completely original shell. The duo would indeed come directly from the laboratories of Cupertino, without having finally never been able to see the light of day. And for good reason: it would be a prototype “black Star“, Apple’s trademark when it comes to developing products in the utmost secrecy without affixing its logo.

Mobiles are not the only ones concerned: last year, we reported that several first-generation Apple Watches also at this stage of development had been unearthed by Giulio Zompetti, specialist in the genre.

What changes

But then, what are the differences between this iPhone 4 and the one that will be marketed, so that this video makes so much talk about it? In fact, there are several. First of all, we therefore find a logo in the shape of a black star (yes, the artificial planet of Star wars !) instead of the traditional bitten apple that represents Apple. On the other hand, we notice that the camera is not surrounded by a silver ring but more discreet.

At the bottom of the back side, the word “iPhone”Has moreover been replaced by the term“Prototype“, unequivocal. The text just below is also longer, probably taking the form of a warning to all those who would seek to unveil this model and who would then be exposed to possible legal proceedings. Finally, we also notice that the usual mandatory logos on electronic devices (for waste management in particular) are not part of the game, but remember that these are different in the United States and in Europe.

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Moreover, this prototype iPhone 4 is still relatively similar to the “original” product. The keenest eye may observe that the screws are not visible around the thirty-pin connector, making the item appear much more “professional”.

As for the protective shell, completely transparent and also decked out in a black star print, it seems just as unique. It is not yet known whether the owner of this collector’s item plans to sell it, but if so it is likely that the auction will quickly reach several thousand euros.

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