The Studio Display screen reveals a secret about the future of the Mac mini

Mac mini M1 2021

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith, well known on Twitter for his discoveries made in the source codes of various Apple software, has been talking about him again lately. He indeed found, in the internal software of the Apple Studio Display screen, a reference to a machine with a still unknown code name: Macmini10.1.

The latest Mac mini released is the Mac mini M1. It arrived in 2020 and has the identifier “Macmini9,1”. Since then, no other computer in the mini range has appeared at Apple, which is why the question persists about this “Macmini10.1” reference.

It would logically be the next generation Mac minieagerly awaited also with in particular the transition to a new generation Apple silicon chip, the M2 theoretically.

It remains to be seen when this new Mac mini should arrive on the market. According to the latest information from Mark Gurman, always well-informed about Apple, the upcoming WWDC 2022 conference should focus on new MacBook Air and a new Mac Pro. A new iMac Pro could also be revealed, alongside new software for Apple’s next OS. The Bloomberg journalist has therefore at this stage not mentioned the arrival of a new Mac mini in the coming months.

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However, if we look back, we can see that in the summer of 2020, Apple offered a first Mac mini Apple silicon to developers, to allow them to adapt to the new platform. The consumer version of the Mac mini M1 appeared much later, in November.

One could therefore imagine that Apple is indeed offering a new Mac mini Apple silicon this summer. Because on paper, the latest generation of the machine will already blow two candles next June.

Are you particularly looking forward to the release of a new Mac mini with an improved Apple silicon chip?

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