The Submarine lends a hand to Rayo and advances towards Europe

The Submarine lends a hand to Rayo and advances towards Europe

EI Villarreal reach to the match marked in red on the calendar, that of the Real society next Sunday, with the possibility of giving sorpasso for a place in the Europa League next season, a competition in which, today, he is the reigning champion. hit the lightning two days to go the Conference League place is almost tied. But Unai Emery, the king of kings of the Europa League, wants to play his fetish competition again. And that goes through beat Real on Sunday and repeat the result achieved by the San Sebastian team on the last day.

the party movie was the usual among a team that plays everything in pursuit of its objectivehere is another who, as much as he wants to compete and give a gift to his fans, knows in his subconscious that he already has his in his pocket and the holidays are very close. El Submarino solved the ballot in just 45 minutes. In fact, in the first corner he took the lead on the scoreboard, with a great header from Pedraza which, yes, was Tom Hanks on Monuriki Islandwhere the film Náufrago was recorded.

Lightning Shield/Flag

Villarreal could see themselves winning easily but began to get entangled in the outlets and Lightning, through Baby, on the left, began to threaten. Y on that side came the tie. Guardiola He received a center from Álvaro, he finished off so badly that he sat down Albiol but the ball was left free for him to tie.

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The point was not worth Villarreal since Real beat Cádiz well. And again the stopped ball got him out of trouble. Foul that Parejo takes, Pau puts it in the small area and Foyth sent it to the netwith a header, after hitting the crossbar.

Shield/Flag Villarreal

Alcácer scored again after a long time with a great maneuver and Pau, again with a set piece, scored the fourthbefore the break. sansefinished. The second part was a formality. Even more when the VAR annulled a goal to Valentín that would have given some excitement to the crash. Iborra had the fifth in his boots but it was Pedraza, with a great goal for the squad, which rounded off a little hand to return to Europe.


Nicolas Jackson (45′, Giovanni Lo Celso), mamadou (58′, Baby), Falcao (58′, Sergio Guardiola), Nteka (58′, Maras), Boulaye Day (65′, Alcacer), Mandi (65′, Pau Torres), Mario (73′, Juan Foyth), Iborra (80′, Capoue), Kevin Rodrigues (89′, Comesana), Alexander Asensio (89′, Alvaro Garcia)


0-1, 2′: Alfonso Pedraza1-1, 20′: Sergio Guardiola1-2, 26′: John Foyth1-3, 37′: Alcacer1-4, 45′: Paul Torres1-5, 87′: Alfonso Pedraza


Referee: Isidro Diaz de Mera Escuderos
VAR Referee: Xavier Estrada Fernandez
Maras (29′, Yellow) Comesana (46′, Yellow) Alvaro Garcia (46′, Yellow) Rulli (60′, Yellow) unai lopez (75′, Yellow) mamadou (76′, Yellow) Albiol (82′, Yellow

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