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If you’ve been the owner of an iPhone for several years, you’ve already noticed that the Maps app has changed a lot over the past few months. At the heart of the iOS 14 update, Apple Plans was offered new features.

First, Apple has worked on a more detailed coverage of roads and buildings so that it is easier to find your way on the digital maps provided by the Apple brand. With 3D view systems that have nothing to envy to other navigation applications, Apple Maps quickly established itself as “the” benchmark on iOS.

Behind this transformation of its application, Apple knows how to recognize the work of its teams and some employees who worked on this project have just been rewarded by the Apple as shown in the LinkedIn post of one of them. The gift box received by these employees includes several small gobies bearing the image of the apple brand, but also images of Apple Plans which are personalized.

Apple is proud of its teams and its product

In a small card accompanying the gift, the Cupertino company warmly thanks its teams. According to Apple, the maps in Apple Maps have been completely rebuilt with this update to offer better navigation, richer details, but also more precise information on places to see or visit in a city.

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According to Eddy Cue, chief operating officer of Apple, it is now “easier than ever” for users to use Apple Maps and “to find the places they love and to get there as easily as possible. possible ”. This important update has helped Apple to establish itself as one of the best navigation apps available on the market today.

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