the Tour du Queyras in one week

the Tour du Queyras in one week

No time to waste for this second day!

Our warm beds and meals are waiting for us this evening at the Viso refuge, we shouldn’t arrive too late. If you have followed correctly, this refuge is not part of the Queyras tour, but is the starting point for the Viso tour that we will do the following days and which I will tell you about in another article.

To start the day, we quickly reach the hilltop hamlet of Malrif with its small chapel. For the culture minute, 19 houses and 150 inhabitants lived here in the 19th century! This is quite a feat when you see the access conditions. But the inhabitants gradually deserted the village and today, in the middle of the ruins, only 3 houses have been restored.

We continue the descent to Abries by a panoramic path over the Guil valley and the village of Aiguilles before reaching the Chapel of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows and its Stations of the Cross leading straight to the center of the cute village of Abriès.

The normal route of the Queyras tour then climbs back up to the heights before descending either to Ristolas or directly to the Echalp site. But not seeing the interest of this ascent / descent, we preferred to reach Ristolas then Echalp by the well-equipped path that runs along the river. On the other hand, we borrowed it at the stroke of noon and I prefer to warn you there is very little shade on the way. The gravel on the ground only reflects the light and therefore, even if the level difference is easier, I do not keep a very good memory despite the beautiful landscapes.

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The locality of Echalp being the place where the Viso tour begins, we continued to the Viso refuge located high up. But if you don’t plan to go around the Viso, the stopover lodge located at Echalp marks the end of this day.

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