the tour of Mont Viso in 5 days

the tour of Mont Viso in 5 days

  • Failed break at Pontechianale

Given our respective states, and the co-hiker knowing the difficulty of the ascent to Vallanta, we quickly agreed to reach Pontechianale. In addition to being less tiring for the co-hiker, we hoped to be able to find a mini-market to stock up on good things and a campsite to give us a real good nap and be ready again the next day to continue the tour du Queyras as planned.

But because we have to believe that fate likes to attack us, our plan was going to be turned upside down …

Already, arriving at the foot of the large artificial lake, we realize that there is no path to reach the city. Well, yes, but on the other side of the lake … We therefore resigned ourselves to walking on the road for several kilometers in the middle of the hut. Alright, ok. We can always comfort ourselves with the good food we plan to buy.

Failed, the mini-market is closed and does not reopen until the end of the afternoon. Well, it was not planned but there is a small restaurant in town whose excellent plate of charcut and cheese has the merit of making the co-hiker smile again. For my part, I thought to treat myself with a good dish of pasta, but not speaking Italian, what I thought to be a gratin turns out to be lasagna … It will surely not be the last time that I would sprain my vegetarian diet (plus they were very good!).

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Satisfied, we now have only one hurry, pitch our tent and take a good nap in the shade.

Still missed. The two campsites are far from what we imagined. No trees, but really none, and the pitches are all lined up (or crammed, it depends) next to each other. And did I tell you about the funfair with the sound system on full blast right next to the campsite? We who hoped to take advantage of this half-day of respite to rest, it’s a miss from home. And that’s without mentioning the lack of camping equipment. In France, I admit that I’m not even sure that a starless campsite would dare that. As we were slammed and we had neither the strength nor the motivation to look for a place to bivouac, at the risk of not finding one, we landed completely annoyed at the campsite. Our morale was so bad that we spent our afternoon looking to see if a taxi could drop us off at the border… without success.

No need to tell you that we spent a m **** night with the fun fair and the young alcoholics screaming next to our tent …

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