LifeStyle Relationships The transformation of Jacqie Rivera in photos

The transformation of Jacqie Rivera in photos


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Jacqie Rivera.

Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images

Jacqie rivera She has had a great physical change over time and even though she has struggled against her weight, she has always been seen as a champion. And if you have not followed their process closely, here is the amazing transformation of the daughter of Jenni Rivera in pictures.

Since she was young, Jacqie has been very smiling and, like her mother, she grew up in love with life. In the photographs he has shared of his childhood, he can always be seen smiling.

When she became a teenager, she became the portrait of Jenni, who accompanied her in the most special moments of her life such as her wedding. Unfortunately the Rivera family faced death of the Diva de la Banda and Jacqie went through very difficult times. With the passage of time she managed to become a mother and start a family.

In 2016 he gave give birth to her third child The battle against her weight became more difficult, however the results she obtained motivated her to keep trying, she proudly showed a powerful post on Instagram where she showed her before and after.

With an effective Exercise routine and healthy eating, Jacqie bragged about the results of living a healthy lifestyle and her fans applauded her progress.

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“I started at 170 pounds and now I weigh 167,” she wrote in 2018, proud of what she had accomplished. In the snapshots that were taken you could see the change immediately.

By 2019 he assured that he had lost approximately 3.4% of body fat. Jacqie did it with weight training, cardio, boxing, and the help of her trainers.

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In August of that year, she was seen wearing a beautiful black bodysuit that highlighted the results of her effort. In the comments they told him how good it looked.

Jacqie became pregnant again and her body underwent physical changes again. The proud mom could not contain the excitement for life that would come to her home.

In April 2020 her baby was born and the entire Rivera family celebrated the arrival of the new member of the family. It didn’t take long for Jacqie to get back to work and resumed her exercise routine as soon as her doctor allowed it.

Now again he has shown the spectacular results. There is no doubt that Jacqie knows very well how to take care of herself and her encouraging posts are sure to motivate her followers to imitate her lifestyle.

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