The USB-C port on iPhone is nothing more than a utopia (video)

Recharge iPhone port

In recent months, Europe has not stopped thinking about the obligation to integrate a universal charging system for mobile manufacturers. So much so that the idea made children: a YouTuber probably disappointed not to see Apple getting up to date has chosen to go on the offensive. In a short video published on his channel, we can therefore see an iPhone X with a USB-C plug instead of Lightning!

To achieve such a result, the handyman had to equip himself with multiple tools, the use of which is unfortunately not within the reach of everyone. There is also another video, more complete, which details the process that made it possible to achieve this small feat. Several months of work will have been necessary, a sign that the “repairability score” of headed laptops may still have some way to go:

No bad surprise

Contrary to what one might think, no major bug seems to occur following this manipulation, however perilous. On the contrary, the abused iPhone in this video recharges even without a hitch. It is also possible to transfer files to it via USB, which suggests that the laptop accepts its new transplant without flinching. With all due respect to Apple.

We know that the firm appreciates more than moderately that users dismantle its products, and for good reason: this can cause serious malfunctions, going as far as damaging the device. This is also one of the reasons why the brand advises against going through third-party manufacturers for power accessories, except perhaps when these are MFi certified or sold in Apple Stores.

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From grain to grind for the EU

This original solution echoes the recent motivations of the European Commission, which is therefore considering setting up a charging standard applicable to all manufacturers. The Lightning port would therefore potentially be banned from the continent.

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In order not to bow to it, Apple for its part imagined an even more radical alternative. This would indeed consist of no longer offering wired power at all, with instead of induction charging (MagSafe) only. Do you think this is a good idea?

Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128 GB

Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128 GB

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