The very first iPhone wallpaper returns in iOS 16

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Apple isn’t known for being a big nostalgic company, but the brand likes to hide little easter eggs that only a few insiders can figure out. This is the case of the clownfish which made its return in the latest version of the beta of iOS 16.

Several developers have indeed mentioned on social networks the return of the clownfish as a wallpaper, which was present at the very beginning of the iPhone’s history. While the Apple brand celebrated the 15th anniversary of its smartphone a few days ago, this little nod to its history was the way chosen by the Apple teams to pay tribute to this first phone which upset its time.

A unique and mythical wallpaper

As a reminder, the wallpaper with the clownfish on a green background was the very first used by Apple during the presentation in 2007, by Steve Jobs, of the iPhone. But at the time the image was not available to customers, and the fish had only been seen during the demonstration of the apple boss.

If the wallpaper has long been exchanged under the coat, Apple had, until now, never offered it in the default solutions of its iPhone. With this third version of the beta of iOS 16, Apple offers moving wallpapers and no longer static.

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Different wallpapers due to iOS 16

This system made its arrival with the much more complex lock screen with animations and widgets that appeared with iOS 16. As a reminder, Apple’s new operating system was presented by Craig’s teams Federighi at the WWDC opening conference alongside iPadOS and macOS Ventura.

The three new OS are currently only available in beta versions, and the official launch of these systems will be effective in September, after the release of the iPhone 14 if Apple sticks to its usual schedule. For the moment nothing guarantees that the clownfish will always be present in the final version of the update, but its presence in the beta is a positive sign in this direction.

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